11 February 2022 Konsultrapporten

Tingent shares the laurels

Tingent is one of two companies winning the award for “Best job posting quality” in the Nordics!

“We know that there are a lot of assignments to choose from for freelancers in today’s market. In order to stand out and to show our respect and commitment, we strive to give them the best possible specifications, making it simple for them to instantly tell whether this is interesting or not. The silver lining you get by putting that extra into your assignment description is that we can use our time on candidates that truly are interested in the assignment, making it a smoother process.”

Sandra Jarsäter – Tingent

What is “job posting quality”?
Job posting quality is a measurement based on a number of different parameters, in fact almost all parameters you can think of when describing an assignment. The title, role, description, rate, location, start and end date etc. The more complete your assignment form is, the better the job quality. But there’s more to it! Read more in Brainville’s #Konsultrapporten.

The report is based on the 20.000 assignments that were published in Brainville the second half of 2021, and the 20.000+ companies that use the platform.