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08 February 2021 Contractor report

Top 10 – “Best reply frequency H2 2020”

🏆🎈 The top-10 companies with the “Best reply frequency H2 2020”:

1. Webstep AB
1. InSourceIT Konsultförmedling AB
1. Seequaly AB
4. Tingent
5. Sourcing Network
6. Advanze Consulting Group AB
7. 4Real AB
8. Expleo Group
9. Prevas AB
10. Randstad Sweden

As always, we can’t stress the importance of replying to job applications enough – it shows respect for the applicant, i.e. the freelancer or consultant and helps build long term relationships and respect for your brand.

All the winners of H2 2020 are presented in the upcoming issue of “Konsultrapporten”. If you’re interested in reading about trends, statistics and interviews regarding the Nordic market for freelancers and consultants, sign up for it here!