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25 January 2021 System news

Change is here!

As a response to user requests on more actionable content and information on the start page and a platform that is easier to understand, we have released a brand-new user interface.

A few examples from the new UI:

  • The web site is a lot more responsive. Try it out on your phone or tablet!
  • We have cleaned up the design. Fewer colors and less clutter. Our goal is to keep all pages free from unrelated content and focused on what you should do right now or next.
  • The information structure has been simplified. Brainville is a marketplace. On this particular marketplace you buy or sell consulting/freelancing services. We’ve adjusted the structure according to that simple fact.
  • We have made it simpler to remove irrelevant functionality. For instance, as a freelancer you might not be that interested in the tools that buyers on the marketplace use – you’re here to sell your services.
  • The new start page is packed with actionable content, helping you to keep on top of things.
  • All ads are gone. Well, we didn’t have much before either, because, quite frankly, we find them disturbing. It would be a good source of revenue, but we prefer to make a good product. If we add ads in the future, they will be relevant.

As always, this is a continuous project, and we welcome your feedback on how to improve it more. If you have ideas, suggestions, opinions, improvements, please do send them to support@brainville.com!