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08 December 2020 System news

Brainie’s new clothes

Yup, we’ve created a new responsive design for Brainville and we would love to get some feedback from you!

Our intention with the new design is to simplify. We’ve focused on a more logical information structure and removed redundant information on a LOT of pages. The design is, in our opinion, a lot cleaner and less cluttered. We’ve used colors more sparingly – you could see it as an homage to Dieter Rahms and Braun 😉

We’ve also created a new start page intended to help users focus on what’s most important given their roles in Brainville. For instance, if you’re a buyer of consulting services you’ll see gadgets and swimlanes with information regarding job posts, applications, your reply frequency etc.

New start page

If you’re curious you can checkout the new UI by clicking on “Switch to new look” in the top menu of Brainville.

Now we need your feedback. Please send suggestions, opinions and improvements to support@brainville.com! And don’t be shy – ALL suggestions are welcome. We reserve the right to reward the best ones!