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02 November 2020 System news

Do you have access to BrAInie?

A few selected companies now have access to our AI, internally called BrAInie. Are you one of them?

BrAInie is an AI that is a lot better and faster at finding and matching information than most people, to say the least. So far we’ve taught him to match professional profiles (i.e. native CVs) to an entire assignment description.

How does it work?

  1. Publish an assignment
  2. You should now be able to see a button called “AI-matching (BETA)” in the left column of your assignment details view. (Check out the image below).
  3. If you click, BrAInie will fetch matchning consultant’s professional profiles. If the matching profile is set to “Available” you’ll get direct access to the profile. If the profile isn’t set to “Available” you’ll only see the company where the consultant is employed, enabling you to contact them.
AI Matching


This is only a BETA. The amount of matching profiles is limited. That said, please do provide us with feedback. Anything that improves BrAInie will help us help you. Send your feedback to: support@brainville.com

“I want to participate!”

Yeah? Send us an e-mail and let us know: support@brainville.com

“I want to be found!”

To be found and displayed in a positive manner we need your company’s professional profiles and a reasonably complete company profile. Any profile below 50 % is excluded. If you want to be found we recommend at least a profile strength of 80 %.