16 January 2020 News

Brainville and Places initiate partnership

Today we’re excited to let you know that we’ve joined forces with our friends at Places. Places is a Stockholm based startup on a mission to change the coworking industry.

As you’ve probably noticed, several coworking places has turned up here in Stockholm during the past few years. However, for a single business owner, the monthly fee for access to these coworking spaces is often way too costly to be worth it in the end.

Instead of further cramming our beautiful capital city, our friend at Places transforms under-utilizd city space into a network of playful coworking, creating a tribe-like community of creatives and startups. There’s no need to sign up for a whole year or even a month, should you prefer to just get out of your home office for one day, Places’ got a solution for that too.

At Brainville, we welcome this initiative and look forward to following Place’s journey!

What does this partnership mean, then?

If you´re a loyal blog reader, you might remember that we’ve previously communicated our view on creating real value for all of the users in our Brainville community.  Well, joining forces and creating interesting partnerships is one way of doing that, as with joint efforts we’ll be able to make a more powerful impact and also reach broader target groups.

We’d like to point out thought the we don’t just jump into partnerships just like that. Nope! All Brainville partners must bring something to the table so that there’s a clear win-win for both companies.

As we now welcome Places as a new partner, we’re also able to offer our members very competitive prices on Place’s services. Curious to find out more? Head to brainville.com/Places to find out all of the details and get started with your new perks.

Welcome to the Brainville family, Places!

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