16 September 2019 News

Brainville and Nordnet initiate partnership

Dear members of Brainville,

We’re very happy to let you know that Brainville now has initiated a partnership with Nordnet, Sweden’s leading bank for digital savings and investments.

This is exciting news for you as a Brainville member as it means you just got instant access to several smart, business savvy and useful perks and opportunities through Nordnet. Curious? Just head straight to our web to learn all about your new perks and get started!

Got a couple of minutes extra? Lovely, because we’d like to let you know a little bit more about our business philosophy. As all of us that are involved Brainville’s everyday operations are actually entrepreneurs ourselves, we dare say that we yes, we DO understand what it’s like out there for our freelancing Brainville consultants.

We know that some days are rough, exhausting and lonely. (Let’s be honest: Sometime even just really sh*tty and then you come home only to realize you ought to fix your taxes and business administration too. #beentheredonethat).

Thus, one of our most honest missions with Brainville.com is to make sure we consistently improve ourselves and our services to you. We want these improvements to be based on what one needs as a solo business owner and what that means for YOU.

We believe that introducing and collecting useful perks through carefully selected partners is an important part of that improvement. We also believe that banking pioneer Nordnet is what you might call a “spot on” partner for Brainville, as both companies share several important traits: entrepreneurially driven with innovative digital services aimed towards an independent and intelligent target group. Did someone say win-win?

We hope you’ll like and appreciate our partnership with Nordnet as much as we do!

Got ideas for future partnerships or collaborations you’d like to see at Brainville? Let us know.

Just drop us a note on support@brainville.com or holla at us in some of our social media channels.

All the best

/The team at Brainville

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