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Brainville’s “Konsultrapporten”: Positive trend for healthcare professionals, tougher outlook expected for project managers

Brainville, the Nordic region’s leading consultancy marketplace, has once again surveyed the Swedish and Nordic consulting market. During the first half of 2019, the outlook from the previous report was confirmed: it is in the healthcare sector that the demand is growing the most. However, several signs indicate rougher times lie ahead for project managers.

This is the fourth time that Brainville has surveyed the Swedish and Nordic consultancy market and publishes its findings in the report “Konsultrapporten”. “Konsultrapporten” is based on unique data from Brainville, which in the reports compiles information on supply and demand, prices and current trends.

– With regards to the distribution of assignments, the IT and telecom area continued to be by far the largest, and grew somewhat. However, healthcare is the major growth area. This reflects a market trend where more and more people see the opportunity to work on a consultancy and freelance basis, also within healthcare. We’ve noticed that that several consultancy providers are entering the healthcare field, said Manuel de Verdier, CEO of Brainville.

The figures from the first half of 2019 also indicate that a recession is now approaching.

– The demand for roles that typically are involved in the start-up of new projects, such as project managers and requirement analysts, decreased. This change was also confirmed and reflected in the consulting fees, where the project managers’ requested hourly fee averaged SEK 953, compared with the buyers’ maximum limit of SEK 794 per hour. It is reasonable to regard this trend as an indicator that we are now moving towards a recession, said Manuel de Verdier.

“Konsultrapporten”, covering the first half of 2019, is now available for download at http://konsultrapporten.brainville.com/download, here you will also find all of the previous editions of the report. The next “Konsultrapporten” will be published in April 2020.

”Konsultrapporten”­ in short:
The data that is presented in the report is based on real assignments published on Brainville’s platform, measured and reported during H1 2019. Thousands of consultant assignments are published monthly on Brainville.

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