14 March 2023 System news

2 things that might speed up your assignment browsing

We’ve introduced two features to help you clear up the assignment feed in Brainville.

Hide assignments
Are there assignments that pop up in your list that you’re clearly not interested in? And have you already perfected your search alerts? Then you might want to use this new feature: Hide assignment.

In the assignment feed you will notice a new icon representing an eye with a dash. Use it to hide an assignment from the list. All hidden assignments are still available via the shortcuts in the upper right corner.

If you already have browsed to an assigment that you don’t want to see again, simply use the …-menu and click “Hide this assignment”.

Block company
Are there companies that you really don’t want to do business with? Then this is the feature you’ve been looking for. Either go to the company’s profile page or to one of their assignments. Use the …-menu and select “Block company”. Doing this will completely remove them from your assignment feed. This will also prevent you from using them as a supplier.