13 March 2023 System news

Let’s fold the paper once more

Brainville just became a bit easier to use. In our strife to simplify the platform we’ve made some changes that we hope you’ll like.

The headline refers to a saying that a friend of ours used quite frequently back when we worked together. And it stuck. Our interpretation is that ideas and solutions are usually initially too complex. Your idea may fit on a piece of paper now, but what would you have to remove in order to fold it? Could folding it actually improve the idea?

“Make it cleaner”
That’s our motto. For instance, this might mean removing distractions to help users to focus on what’s important on every page. Avoiding information overload. Another example is removing friction, such as redirecting users to other pages to do simple tasks.

A work in progress
Maybe there’s something we can do to improve your experience in Brainville? With your feedback we will keep working at it.

Now, login and check what we’ve done so far.