22 February 2023 News

From 40 to 1.400+ in a few weeks!

In Konsultrapporten we used to monitor and report on around 40 skills that were highly demanded. Since the introduction of Brainville Statistics, this number has increased manyfold – to more than 1.400. Thank you for contributing.

Brainville Statistics is a combination of a wiki and our statistics. Your expertise has helped us add and tie skills and roles together in more and more areas of the freelance and consulting industry.

Contributions are rewarded
Adding information to Brainville Statistics is easily accomplished. Simply click on the “suggest”-links that are spread over all our pages. Accepted contributions are rewarded with full access to our statistics. Continuous contributions can get even more. And of course, we keep track of our contributors and plan to show their names (if they want the recognition) next to the pages the’ve contributed to.

What’s the purpose?
Keeping track of all roles and skills help us help you and others in a number of ways. The most apparent is Brainville Statistics which has made the freelance and consulting industry a bit more transparent and intelligible for people both inside and outside of it.

Adding more roles, skills, their synonyms and their relations help us improve Brainville Statistics and matching in the marketplace, enabling customers and freelancers/consultants to find each other – which is our main goal.