12 februari 2020 Artikel

Since January 2020, the minimum permitted share capital required to start a private limited company is reduced to SEK 25,000. Should you continue running your business a sole trader or perhaps start a private limited company? Ulf Karnell, Head of Communications at the Swedish Companies Registration Office, knows what you ought to think about before […]

20 januari 2020 Nyhet

Is there a consultant broker that you like and prefer? Vote here: http://bit.ly/bestconsultantbroker2019 It’s usually we at Brainville who name the winners of our “Job post quality” and “Reply frequency” awards based on facts. But this time we wanted to know if facts confirm reality – what you as freelancers and consultants think! Cast your […]

16 januari 2020 Nyhet

Today we’re excited to let you know that we’ve joined forces with our friends at Places. Places is a Stockholm based startup on a mission to change the coworking industry. As you’ve probably noticed, several coworking places has turned up here in Stockholm during the past few years. However, for a single business owner, the […]

15 januari 2020 Nyhet

Vi på Brainville ser det som vårt uppdrag att hylla bolag som sköter sig snyggt och bra. Varje halvår tar vi ut statistik över konsultbranschen i Norden och lyfter fram de bolag som har bäst konsultuppdragsannonser och bäst svarsfrekvens (dvs. att man svarar på ansökningar). Den här gången tänkte vi se om statistik och åsikter […]

30 december 2019 Nyhet

Dear readers, with 2020 just around the corner we’re just as eager as you to reflect, learn and move on. Thus, we’d like to ask you a favor. We want to know how we can improve! Would you care to help us on our journey? If yes, please head to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LJ8hsW071vjEHLJ-dzqv4wYXTbOAh3uBSz9IfkxnzVs/edit, take a couple of […]

23 december 2019 Nyhet

Have you thought of doing a business review? 2019 is rapidly coming to an end. Before you’re entering into 2020 it’s not only good, but crucial, to take some time to reflect back upon this year. Not sure where to start? Below we’ve collected our suggestions on useful topics you may like to include in […]

11 december 2019 Nyhet

Hi there, Today we just wanted to stop by to share a quick reading tip with you. Earlier this week, an interesting and important report from Forte was published about the gigeconomy, its working conditions and relations. The report is available for download here. In short, the report stresses the importance of gaining more structural […]

04 december 2019 Artikel Nyhet

Last week was not only what felt like the darkest one in Sweden this year, it also happened to be the week when we arranged the second meetup with our business network. This time, the meetup was arranged in collaboration with our friends at Wint and Nordnet.  With keynote speakers such as Caroline Säisä and […]

19 november 2019 Nyhet

🌟Psst! On November 28th, it’s time for our next #networking event! We’ve teamed up with several interesting guests and prepared for a fun evening, so make sure to mark this day in your calendar😊 This time we’re arranging the event in collaboration with our friends Wint and Nordnet. See full details in the invitation and […]

04 november 2019 Nyhet

🙏 We’re humbled by the response and the demand for Konsultrapporten. We simply can’t keep up with the demand when you sign up for it – so here it is, no sign up required (but comments and likes on this post are of course much appreciated). 😍 If you know anyone who would benefit from […]

31 oktober 2019 Nyhet

Looking for a new gig? Share your professional profile in Brainville today and then share it on LinkedIn and we’ll give you Boost for 7 days!

17 oktober 2019 Nyhet

Finally the new edition of “Konsultrapporten” has been released. 🙂 Get your own copy by signing up here:

16 oktober 2019 Konsultrapporten Nyhet

Brainville, the Nordic region’s leading consultancy marketplace, has once again surveyed the Swedish and Nordic consulting market. During the first half of 2019, the outlook from the previous report was confirmed: it is in the healthcare sector that the demand is growing the most. However, several signs indicate rougher times lie ahead for project managers. […]

01 oktober 2019 Nyhet

We’re happy to let you know that we’re now collaborating with Wint, Sweden’s no #1 tech accounting service that automates your entire company’s business administration. Brainville and Wint are both working towards the same target groups, thus, there are several win win effects with this collaboration. Our collaboration with Wint means that Brainville members will […]

24 september 2019 Nyhet

🧐 Curious about which consultants and what skills are in demand and where? Read about the latest trends and statistics in the Nordics in our upcoming edition of “Konsultrapporten”. Get it before everyone else by signing up on LinkedIn with a positive comment in a language of your choice – we’ll send it to you […]

19 september 2019 Nyhet

Varmt välkommen på mingel, nätverksträff och att fira in rapportsläppet av nästa Konsultrapporten med oss!Tisdagen den 15 oktober klockan 17.00 bjuder vi in dig som Brainville-medlem till höstens första nätverksträff med Nordnet Business Group. Vi bjuder på dryck, snacks, härligt sällskap och så klartmassor av inspiration inför hösten! Anmälan: anmäl dig till press@brainville.com senast den […]

16 september 2019 Nyhet

Dear members of Brainville, We’re very happy to let you know that Brainville now has initiated a partnership with Nordnet, Sweden’s leading bank for digital savings and investments. This is exciting news for you as a Brainville member as it means you just got instant access to several smart, business savvy and useful perks and […]

09 september 2019 Nyhet

Last week we were trying to get our new office together – here’s a little sneak peek of Nils, Magnus and Robert settling in. From now on you’ll find us on Kocksgatan 50 in Stockholm, please feel free to stop by and say hi! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6574285601665888256

27 augusti 2019 Nyhet

As an entrepreneur, sooner or later you’ll be facing the challenge to find assignments. There’s plenty of vacancies out there, but where do you ought to start searching when it’s a freelance gig you’re looking for? This week, our CEO Manuel de Verdier, shared a couple of his best getting started tips at Bokafrilans.se. Read […]

22 augusti 2019 Artikel

It’s not a fit for everyone, yet, many of us share the dream of running an own business. But how do you get started then? Where do you actually start, you know, hands on? No worries, just sit back and relax and we’ll guide you through the basics of starting your own business!

11 juni 2019 Pressmeddelande

Brainville, the Nordic region’s leading marketplace for consulting assignments, strengthens its board with well-merited advisor and investor Anders Gratte. Anders Gratte has extensive experience of building companies in Sweden and Northern Europe. Previously, Anders founded and grew consulting agency Madeo and was Managing Director, Europe, at ZeroChaos.

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